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It’s no secret that the BEST solutions to a problem always seem to come from someone who has first hand experience of that very issue.

Hi, my name is Robin Carson. As a hearing aid wearer myself, I understand that someone with hearing loss has many questions and concerns. Which hearing aid is best for my ears and my lifestyle? What can I do to prevent further hearing loss? And, where can I find my perfect good hearing recipe – one that’s tailor-made to work for me now, and well into the future?

With that in mind, know that no matter what you may be experiencing with hearing loss, chances are I’ve been through it myself as a hearing aid user.  That’s why I invite you contact me with any questions you may have about your hearing loss.  Otherwise, sit back and let me explain all the good hearing solutions I’m able to recommend for you…

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Get Ready to Savor the

Full Flavors of Sound

The right hearing aids, when perfectly fit, can make an amazing difference in your life.  They will not affect the way you look or fail to meet the needs of your complex, busy lifestyle.  Instead, by helping you hear all the sounds of the world around you, the right solution will simply enable you to live your life to the fullest.  I know this, because like I said, I’m a hearing aid wearer myself.

Concerned that a hearing aid may slow you down?
Click here for wireless devices that automatically adjust to every environment – including the shower!

Not sure what to do about that constant ringing in your ears?
Click here to discover the latest Tinnitus treatments and breakthroughs.

Overwhelmed by just how many styles and options there are?
Click here to learn how quickly we can help you find your perfect solution.

My hope is that the information on this website will help you appreciate what an amazing difference the right hearing aids can make to your life. They will not affect the way you look. They certainly won’t affect your social life or fail to meet the needs of your complex, busy lifestyle. Instead, by helping you hear all the sounds of work, play and love, the right solution will simply let you live your life to the fullest. I know, because like I said, I’m a hearing aid wearer myself (although I bet you’d never notice!)

Find Your Perfect

Hearing Loss Solutions

To help you overcome and prevent hearing loss, Carson Hearing Care stands ready to provide you with:

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations
Find out how I can pinpoint the causes, effects, and remedies for your specific hearing loss here.

Evaluation and Demonstration of Assistive Listening Device
Click to learn about the types of ALD’s

Evaluation and Fitting for Musicians
Examine which custom-made solutions will be music to your ears here.

I certainly hope that our website boosts your appetite for good hearing, and that you’ll decide to do something about your hearing today. Remember: neglecting, denying or ignoring your hearing loss can hasten its progression. If left untreated, it can affect you emotionally, physically, and mentally. On the other hand, early detection can certainly help get you back into the conversation quickly, and hearing better for life.


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The Carson Hearing Care team looks forward to welcoming you to our office and to helping you find your unique recipe for hearing success.  Our practice is open 9:00 – 5:00, Monday through Friday.  Weekend and evenings appointments are available upon request.
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See What Our Patient’s Are Saying

5 Stars
“Robin has provided me with excellent care.”

“Robin has always provided me with consistently excellent care since our first encounter years ago. She is knowledgable and resourceful and has provided me with the newest and latest hearing care and devices.” read more>>

- Stephen Tatum

5 Stars
“Robin understands my needs and concerns.”

“I am extremely confident that Robin Carson is absolutely the most caring, competent audiologist in this area. She understands the needs and concerns of her patients and treats them with respect...” read more>>

- Yvonne Harpole

5 Stars
“Robin treats us like we're family.”

“As I grew older, I noticed my hearing ability was declining. Luckily I was connected with Robin at Carson Hearing. She gave me all the time I needed and made sure I was provided with the hearing...” read more>>

- Jack Rattikin, Jr.

5 Stars
“Robin provides true service after the sale.”

“Robin provides true service after the sale. Her dedication and commitment to her patients is second to none.” read more>>

- Richard Minker

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