Everyone wants to know what they can do to prevent their hearing health from suffering significant damage over the course of their lives. While many people have stopped digging in their ear with cotton swabs and other instruments, others want to take a more proactive approach to saving their hearing. Fortunately, all they need to do is watch what they eat in order to stay healthy. In this article we will look at several different foods that you can eat that will allow you to have the best hearing abilities well into your senior years.

Dark Chocolate

It may be surprising to some, but many people already know that this form of chocolate has many different antioxidants that will keep you healthy throughout your life. However, the benefit for your hearing comes from the simple ingredient of zinc that naturally occurs in chocolate. This allows your ears to heal from smaller amounts of hearing damage before it can become permanent.

More Fresh Vegetables

Another one of the foods that is great for your hearing health should come as no surprise to most people who were lectured about their benefits as a child: vegetables. While the nutrients and vitamins will do wonders for your overall health, the ability of green veggies to reduce the amount of free radicals in your system cannot be overstated. These prevent major diseases, like cancer, from occurring in your body.

Citrus Fruits

Now, it may be easier to put an orange into your diet than a lemon, but the simple fact of the matter is that you should be eating more citrus fruits. Again, their benefits are an indirect service provided by a reason that you are already consuming them: less chances of illness. With fewer infections occurring in your body, fever and infection will not be able to damage your hearing.


While this is a delicious fruit that is fun to say, it also can help your health in the most unexpected ways. The magnesium content that is found in bananas can help keep your ears from suffering damage by making it more difficult to sustain physical trauma. However, this only gives you a slight barrier and will not keep you from hearing loss if you go to concerts every night.

Chicken Of The Sea

Salmon, tuna, and trout should all find their way into your diet some way. You can eat sushi or make a delicious salad, but it is important that you get the omega-3 fatty acids into your body. These can help keep your heart healthy throughout your life, and can pump oxygen and nutrient rich blood to your ears, preventing hearing loss by being robbed of the things the ears need to thrive.

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