Most people are unaware of how intricately their hearing health is tied to their overall health. This is especially true in the senior population who see hearing health as a luxury as they get older, and not the serious health issue that it actually is. People who manage to keep their hearing in high levels throughout their senior years are actually rewarded by being able to remain more youthful, as we will show you in this top- ten list.

1.  Hearing health is important because it can keep you from falling down in your home. Johns Hopkins research has concluded that people who suffer from hearing loss as insignificant as 25 decibels are several times more likely to fall than their counterparts with good hearing.

2. If you have good hearing throughout your life, then you will be able to hear all necessary warning sounds and sirens as you age. This will result in the ability to keep yourself safe and alive well into old age! It is as simple as that!

3. If you have proper hearing levels, then you will also have the benefits of a good social life. Studies show that people who can hear well tend to interact with others more, leading to better emotional and even sexual health!

4. People who are able to demonstrate that they have good hearing abilities tend to get the better jobs within a society. Leaders want to see that their workers are able to work safely while following instructions. If you have proper hearing, then you can embody these traits.

5. A lot of seniors are taking time off to go back to school in search of a new means of work or education. You will need to have good hearing if you hope to catch all of those notes from your professor, especially over the sound of the laptops in the modern classes.

6. Be more confident and bold with your hearing as you age. You will find that more people your age want to be around you. However, if you do not have good hearing, you will be more prone to withdrawing from positive social interactions.

7. Lower your risk for dementia by caring for your hearing. It turns out that dementia can be directly linked to hearing loss early in life. If your brain is damaged by hearing loss, your mind may suffer.

8. Keep yourself out of the emergency room by being more aware of your surroundings. If you have good hearing, then you will notice that car backing out behind you or your hungry pet darting between your legs in the early morning.

9. Good hearing levels makes the body pump more blood to your ears in order to keep them in good condition. This will lower your chances of infection in those ears, which can save you from additional illnesses.

10. There is nothing like being able to make small talk with your neighbors and friends. That is why good hearing is so important to keeping a confident, happy attitude with those around you.


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