YouTube has some videos you really should check out. A 7-month old baby hears his mother’s voice for the first time after being having hearing aids fitted. You might find yourself crying tears of joy when you see his smile.

You can find lots of videos like this online. You can share that special moment with the child, the parents, and their doctors.

The baby doesn’t always like the idea of getting hearing aids put in at first. They fight when the doctor attempts to put the device on their ear. They might cry before they smile with delight. A wide range of emotions overtakes them. They don’t know what to expect. But in the end, with revived hearing, the world immediately opens up for them.

They beam with joy, but that life-changing moment can happen to anyone.

Are you feeling anxious about wearing a hearing aid? You’re not by yourself. You don’t have to be a child to be a bit cautious about this new experience.

Let’s investigate how individuals of any age might cry tears of joy when they wear their hearing aid.

Music to Your Ears

You might not even know. It was a very gradual development. You don’t listen to music nowadays. It just didn’t seem as fun anymore. Sometimes, it was even grating. Turning it up made it even worse.

Hearing loss doesn’t just effect the volume you can hear. It effects how you hear different pitches and notes.

Music is, as every musician recognizes, a beautiful blend of sound frequencies that meld together to produce the sound that we hear as…., well, music. If you can’t hear the spectacular complexity of music, it’s just not the same.

But put on your hearing aid. Now, those tones which were once muted can be vibrantly heard. Music again comes alive. It becomes a wonderful pleasure in your life that you’d lost.

The Laughter of a Child

Is the sound of a child’s laughter something you can recall? Maybe your hearing loss has caused you to forget this amazing experience.

Rediscover these wonderful moments with your grandchildren by restoring your hearing.

Where Did All The Birds go?

Remember all those birds out in your yard? If you go to the park there will be hundreds. While some of their chirps are more pleasant than others, it’s something you might not acknowledge until they’re gone.

Except they haven’t gone. You just can’t hear these beautiful melodies that so enhance your life.

When you use your hearing aids, you again delight in the merriment of our feathered friends.

Relationships Restored

Neglected hearing impairment can put substantial strain on relationships. It can cause a great deal of frustration. There’s misunderstanding causing more arguments. It can even cause somebody with hearing loss to seclude themselves, so they don’t feel as if they are a burden.

They may avoid social clubs or going out to dinner because they feel all alone and disconnected while others have a conversation.

Have you given up hobbies because they aren’t as enjoyable?

Your relationship with family and friends will be revitalized by the simple act of wearing hearing aids.

Get used to talking to each other again. Talk for hours. Return to spending time with the ones you love and partaking in activities you love.

It’s time to consider hearing aids especially if you miss these things.

Assurance That You’re Safe in Your Home

Do you feel nervous about what you can’t hear? If a family member was injured and yelling for help in another room, would you be able to hear them? A doorbell, oven timer, or smoke alarm…would you be able to hear them? Would you miss an important call because you didn’t hear it ring?

When you stroll around the neighborhood, are you sure that you’ll hear oncoming traffic, pedestrian signals, or a bicycle bell?

There are places where we should feel completely safe but because of these “what ifs” we don’t.

But you can feel more at ease and enjoy life more when you use your hearing aids. You’ll have peace of mind.

You May Not Realize What You’re Missing

In most cases, hearing loss develops slowly. It’s possible that you don’t even remember how much you enjoyed things before your hearing started to decline.

You’ll be surprised when you suddenly hear them again. You’ll wish you addressed it sooner. If you don’t believe your hearing loss is that severe, it’s time to get it checked. Call us to schedule a hearing exam.

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